Automated process monitoring to enhance quality assurance for laser cutting, laser welding and many other laser processes

As a result of the interaction between laser and material typically process light is emitted by the work piece itself. This radiation of automated laser processes in your production provides valuable information on the process stability and its state. By applying clever algorithms and thresholds, process deviations can be sent automatically to the machine's PLC. The system stores all relevant data for traceability reasons in a customer accessible database.

For a better visualisation and localisation of the suspect faults on your part we provide images of your parts with indications for each seam position. For example the solution can be used at a distant end of line  inspection. You can choose from consecutive view or automatic query of parts via PLC or handheld scanner.

A: One WeldWatcher® per Welding Head

One WeldWatcher® per Welding Head

B: Only one WeldWatcher® per Laser

In some cases the handy integration into the laser is not possible due to technical reasons. In these cases we integrate the sensor(s) into the optical welding head directly. Adapters for all common brands are available.

Robust integration into the welding Head (Raylase) for automated process monitoring

High quality sealed housing with sealed push-pull connectors and a cable for robotic use.

In most cases the integration into the laser offers a lot of advantages. For example, with the capability to monitor all optical paths of the laser source, only 1 WeldWatcher® is required. Additionally, many of our customers value the absence of cables and additional sensor housings at the optical head due to better freedom of action.

Process Monitoring System

Process monitoring setup for automated laser processes

To assure a successful implementation of process monitoring for laser welding and laser cutting, automatic communication is mandatory. For traceability reasons all signals and evaluations are assigned to seam numbers and to part numbers for your automated laser processes in your production.

Different sensors for all circumstances from low light conditions to bright processes and from UV to NIR are available. Together with you, we will choose the right sensor(s) in order to meet your detection requirements.

PDF | Overview of Products

Find more information on your possibilities to implement automated process monitoring in your application in our handy PDF.

Specialist article “Process Monitoring in E-Mobility Applications”

Read more about the applications in e-mobility in in the article “Process Monitoring in E-Mobility Applications” published here free of charge. It shows an overview on the functionality and provides  insights into process monitoring in welding, ablating and cleaning with lasers.

All Data in one place for your Automated laser processes in your production floor