Automated Online Monitoring of Laser Processes


The WELDWATCHER® integrates seamlessly into your fully automated production line. It acquires the amount of process light over time and indicates typical welding failures, such as gaps between sheets, lack of fusion or pores by analyzing the beam flux density, spectral components and the progress in time.

At the laser welding process a partially ionized metal vapor occurs. This vapor escapes from the weld pool and emits a broadband light, the so-called process light. Its characteristics like spectrum and intensity correlate with many properties of the process.


The monitoring system consists of an industrial PC and a sensor which is optimized to your process. The system is expandable with the offered additional modules and components:

  • PC enclosure
  • cooling
  • UPS
  • 4D DATACENTER solution as a preparation for long-term storage

For series production, fully automatic recording and evaluation of the current welding signal with output of the results on the screen is possible. The data can be transferred to the machine control via PLC.

Further functions can be implemented or enabled according to customer-specific requirements. 4D can provide support via remote control for change requests and software modifications.

Customized functions can be implemented according to your definitions. Furthermore, it is possible to support you via remote control. It does not matter if you need help or if you have change requests because of your new requirements.

Laser Prozessüberwachung