Sensor Technology – Full Spectrum Coverage

Our sensor families cover the full spectrum from UV/VIS (a.k.a. “plasma”), back reflection to NIR (a.k.a. “temperature”) each available with different sensitivities. All sensors can quickly be adjusted by software during production. We combine or mix multiple sensors in cases where a single sensor does not provide sufficient data for a profound OK/NOK evaluation. In most cases we can maintain the full functionality of your camera or OCT devices.


For most applications our Universal Sensor housings provide an economic solution especially for unmoved optics or for the integration into the laser source or beam switch. This method eliminates bulky integrations at the processing heads and the use of expensive torsion proof robot cabling.


Our Compact Sensors are designed for the direct integration into welding heads. They provide IP67 sealed housings and connectors. Rigid robot cables and adapters for most welding heads and scanners make these sensors the #1 choice wherever an integration into the laser is not possible. It comes with pre-installed 2-channel setup. Our WELDWATCHER® can evaluate both channels or mix it to 1 evaluation channel depending on your requirements.


The Fiber Sensors are applicable to common types of fiber lasers. They offer the unique advantages of sensors in lasers without the need of a beam switch: Free movement of your optical heads and clean environment in the laser. They monitor the whole optical path and there are no cables to be aligned in your handling devices.